empowering change one activist at a time

we're on a mission to combat climate change and empower individuals to become effective climate activists. our innovative programs provide the tools, knowledge, and support needed to make a real impact on the ground.

our programs focus on
the most urgent climate causes

end fossil fuels
defend climate activists
power up renewables
protect forests and oceans

chilli academy

the first step on your journey to becoming a climate activist.

our comprehensive training program covers essential topics such as climate science, campaign strategy, and effective communication.

join cohorts of like-minded individuals, and with the guidance of our experienced team, launch your own campaign or join an existing campaign in just 3 days.


dive into a dynamic curriculum designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to make a difference.


connect with fellow activists and build a global network of change-makers.

experienced team

learn from seasoned campaigners who have fought against fossil fuel projects on every continent.

apply now to our next cohort

chilli fellows

for those who have completed chilli academy or already have extensive experience in climate activism.

receive ongoing support, financial resources, and mentorship to amplify the impact of your initiatives during one year.
collaborate with other Fellows to create a powerful network of climate leaders, sharing insights and best practices.

ongoing support

benefit from continuous support as you take your campaigns to the next level


connect with a community of Chilli Fellows, each making a significant impact in their own way

catalyst for action

become part of a movement that is driving sustained, impactful change

meet the first cohort of changemakers

Declan, 23

passionate about wildlife photography, he is focused on repairing fragile ecosystems like forests.
first mission: target insurers to #stopwillow

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Madeline, 15

high school student passionate about nature restoration & green energy.
first mission: decarbonize schools in her home state in Pennsylvania, USA.

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Kate, 18

campaign for climate change in her home in Alabama, USA.
first mission: pressure companies to stop deep sea mining

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advised by seasoned climate organizers

Christian Vanizette

chilli co-founder; specializes in stopping oil pipelines


Dominika Lasota

chilli foundation advisory board climate activist with Fridays for Future


Juan Carlos Monterrey

chilli foundation advisory board youngest ever COP negotiator


we fund research projects enabling grassroots activism

carbon bombs map

transparent data and visualization about the world's biggest fossil fuel extraction projects, and their links with companies and banks. An open source project supported by the chilli foundation for activists across the world and featured in Le Monde, The Guardian, and Der Spiegel.

now’s your chance to take power, in your hands