helping stop the world's largest heated crude oil pipeline

EACOP is a project that is ecologically and economically reckless in the face of climate chaos

34 million tons of CO2 emissions every year

will run 1400+ km from Uganda to Tanzania

owned by the world's 6th largest energy company

will displace thousands of families and farmers from their land

risks vital water sources that millions of people rely upon

will plough through some of the world’s most important wildlife reserves

the mission

the stopEACOP coalition wanted to amplify to their targeted offline strategy with mass online advocacy

offline actions were focused on pressurising the insurers, banks and investors financing EACOP to pull out of the project. actions were happening all over the world - London, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Uganda and Tanzania.

the coalition needed to amplify these diverse creative actions with a digital push. this would demonstrate to key stakeholders that it’s not just a handful of climate activists, but thousands of concerned citizens around the world who have their eyes on EACOP.

how we spiced it up

we co-ordinated with the EACOP coalition in Africa, Europe, the UK, Asia and the US to ensure every offline direct action was accompanied by a series of digital actions for citizens at home


actions taken


citizens mobilized


emails sent


social comments

thousands of unique, mass emails were sent to the key actors. from shareholders, to political backers, to banks, insurers and suppliers. citizens publicly called out brands supporting the project and simultaneously greenwashing online. we also empowered people to make dozens of pings on twitter and instagram every week to top journalists to push for more coverage of the story.EACOP grassroots campaigners kept citizens routinely updated on chilli, to keep them motivated and engaged in the fight.

the impact

mounting global pressure online and offline has led to dozens of banks, insurers and suppliers dropping out of EACOP. the pipeline remains indefinitely delayed.  

27 banks and 28 insurers have dropped out of EACOP.

from Credit Agricole, to Barclays to AXA these corporations were targeted by grassroots activists offline and by chilli users online.

Total Energies has come under fire for the project, with articles published in the New York Times, the Guardian, Le Monde and Human Rights Watch.

this is overwhelming proof public pressure can drive lasting change. this is proof that activism works.

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